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Tis the season…

We hope you have taken the time to come downtown and see all the new lights and decorations recently put up by the city.  Funds from the Redevelopment Agency (a funding source from the Lin’s Marketplace lease to provide economic development of the downtown area) went into the new lights.  The lights are stunning and are doing the job they intended, which is to bring people into the downtown to hopefully shop, eat and recreate.  Why is that important you might ask? Well, a viable downtown represents an overall viable city.  When you travel, what city sites resonate with you positively?  Most likely an exciting downtown comes to mind (think Park City and  Salt Lake City) .  Now think of communities that have a blighted downtown-how does that affect your overall experience?  Do you stop and shop for a souvenir?    City sales tax revenues support city infrastructure (streets, water, sidewalks) and quality of life (parks, trails, events).  An attractive, vibrant community and downtown brings in outside dollars in the form of tourism that adds to those revenues, keeping your taxes low while enjoying a well served community. More importantly, it’s the idea of supporting local business, which in turn helps everyone.   So tis the season to get out and shop.  We hope that you’ll pledge to shop local this year  and come down to downtown to find that unique gift and to enjoy the magical holiday lights.


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